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New Utility Service Request

  1. Description

    To open a utility account within the City of Monticello, please submit this form. We'll send you a confirmation email when we receive it. NOTE: Rental properties always remain in the property owner’s name, not the renter’s name. If you have questions, please leave a message at 763-271-3228. A member of our staff will return your call to assist you.

  2. This is the property for which you would like to open a utilities (water, sewer, garbage and recycling) account.

  3. Only required if different from service address. Please include city, state & zip code.

  4. Renter or Owner*
  5. Helpful Information

    Garbage and recycling carts remain with the property. Automatic payments will process on final bills. Additional information is available on the Utilities, Garbage & Recycling page.

    • Garbage is picked up weekly.
    • Recycling is picked up every other week.
    • If you have any garbage/recycling overages (outside of the cart), please contact Waste Management prior to your pick-up day at 507-920-7390. There will be an additional fee from Waste Management.
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