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Sep 28

Xcel Energy Press Release: Construction activities at the Monticello nuclear plant - Aug. 18, 2023

Posted to City of Monticello - Press Releases on September 28, 2023 at 11:10 AM by Haley Foster

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Construction activities at the Monticello nuclear plant

For the next several weeks, there will be some visible and audible construction activity at the plant. Xcel Energy is constructing an underground barrier wall along the edge of the plant’s boundary with the river. That barrier will improve the plant’s ability to manage groundwater flow and will impede interaction between the river water and groundwater at the plant. The construction work will primarily take place during daylight hours on normal working days, weather and construction circumstances permitting. Work on weekends may also take place.

The design and analysis phases of the project are now complete, and construction is scheduled to begin sometime between August 18-21. Constructing the barrier wall is another step the company is taking to try and ensure that the small amount of tritium still present in the groundwater remains within the plant boundaries and can be safely recovered, stored and reused on site. These additional efforts will help make the company’s groundwater remediation efforts more effective.

The company appreciates the community’s understanding throughout this process. Xcel Energy also makes regular updates to this website on the topic, and encourages the public to check it for the latest information:

Monticello Groundwater | Public Safety | Xcel Energy

Overhead view of construction activities: