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Feb 06

The Pointes at Cedar Project Updates - 2022 Recap

Posted to What's the Pointe? on February 6, 2023 at 3:28 PM by Haley Foster

Although it may be winter, there is still activity occurring at The Pointes! The Pointes Digging.jpg

Private contractors continue to remove material from what will be the central lake feature. It is expected that their work will allow for the full removal of material in the rough shape of the lake by late 2023.

On-Site Activity 

The City is continuing to work with private contractors to coordinate free excavation and removal of materials from the center of The Pointes, creating the lake feature that will be at the heart of the area. It is hoped that all three nodes of the lake will be formed by fall of 2023.

Master Plan for The Pointes’ Park & Open Space Adopted

In September of 2022 the Monticello City Council adopted the Master Plan for The Pointes. The Master Plan illustrates the full vision for the public spaces in the project area. The plan shows the central lake, its surrounding trail system, and a range of public amenities for the community. These public amenities are sprinkled throughout the three biomes – Populus (north), Tilia (central), Quercus (south). The Master Plan now serves as the foundation for the development of plans and specifications for the actual construction of the public spaces at The Pointes.

With this guide in place, the Council has directed the development of plans for the first phase of construction at The Pointes. The plans are to include completion of the final shape and size of the southern node of the central lake, and a looped gravel trail around the southern node. Prairie landscaping plantings are also included, consistent with the “Quercus” or oak savannah biome for this node. Those looking for parks spaces at The Pointes will be excited to learn that the plans will also lay out the first set of park improvements, which will occur on the west side of the Tilia biome.

Once the plans and specifications for this set of improvements is completed in 2023, City Council will determine a budget and construction schedule. Please continue to watch the Pointes at Cedar project page for more information as the project takes shape.The Pointes - DRAFT Master Plan - 3D views_Page_1

Compass Committee 

The Pointes Master Plan for the park and open spaces evolved from an engagement process which ran from November of 2021 through August 2022. A volunteer Compass Committee, including representatives from the Council, Planning Commission, Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission (PARC), and community at large, was engaged to provide guidance throughout the Master Plan’s development. In addition, numerous in person and online activities occurred during that time to gather additional input from the larger Monticello community. 

The Compass Committee helped to guide the vision for the public spaces at the center of The Pointes. Their work was instrumental in gathering additional public input and helping to refine the ideas for how The Pointes can be a truly distinctive Monticello asset. Many thanks to the dedicated community members who served on the Compass Committee!

Zoning Standards in Place for The Pointes

The Pointes at Cedar District (PCD) zoning code is now in place for the 100-acre area. The City Council adopted the new zoning district for The Pointes in April of 2022. The PCD zoning district establishes a consistent framework for applying the City’s goals for this area. The PCD zoning ordinance encourages development uses and design that compliments the public spaces at The Pointes. The PCD provides specific development standards for each of The Pointes at Cedar’s three distinct biomes, from building architecture to landscaping. Click here to view The Pointes at Cedar zoning district map.

What’s Next for The Pointes?

The City Council has asked that staff and the current project consultant begin working on the plans and specifications for the completion of the final shape and size of the southern node of the central lake. Also included in the plans will be a gravel trail around the southern node, along with important landscaping components. In addition, Council asked for plans for the first set of park improvements, which will occur on the west side of the Tilia biome. Once plans and specifications for this set of improvements is completed, the City Council will determine a budget and construction schedule. 

Jan 10

New Senior Housing Coming to Monticello

Posted to Community & Economic Development on January 10, 2023 at 1:51 PM by Haley Foster

Headwaters Development & CHC GroundbreakingNew Senior Housing Coming to Monticello

On Monday, Jan. 9 Mayor Hilgart and city staff joined Headwaters Development and CHC (Community Housing Corporation) for the groundbreaking of their new project in Monticello: 60 rental townhomes for seniors 55+ located on 7th Street West!

Headwaters Development & CHC Groundbreaking Action ShotThe project was initiated by Headwaters Development, and in November 2022 the company asked the Monticello Economic Development Authority (EDA) to approve CHC as a full partner-owner in the development. The development site is located on the easterly portion of a land parcel formerly known as Outlot A, Country Club Manor, at the corner of Golf Course Road and 7th Street West. The EDA has owned this 16.71-acre property for many years.

 The EDA also approved a newly established affordable housing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district (No. 1-43). As a requirement, the developer has committed to creating and maintaining 40 percent of the units (24 units) as affordable throughout the life of the TIF District. The total cost of the project is estimated at approximately $20.5 million or $341,667 per unit.

The developer is using a modular style construction method. All building components are measured, fabricated, and assembled in the climate-controlled AVA (Advanced Volumetric Alliance) facility in Albertville, MN. The full building component units will be delivered to the site starting late March 2023 to be placed on the concrete pads. The developer plans to substantially complete construction of the twin home development by December 31, 2023.

The developer of this project also intends to move forward with a 102-unit multi-family housing building exclusively for seniors on the northerly portion of the lot later in 2023.   

We're excited to welcome another housing option for our senior community!

Headwaters Development & CHC Groundbreaking Large Group

Aug 16

City Council Highlights - July 11, 2022

Posted to Monticello City Council Highlights on August 16, 2022 at 2:57 PM by Haley Foster

Council Approves Block 52 Development Agreement

Downtown Monticello is the heart of the community. Ongoing efforts to support and enhance the area are guided by our Downtown Small Area Plan. The Plan focuses on a mix of existing and new spaces, creating a vibrant area year-round.RHET Architecture_Block 52_Renderings_Page_3

 A signature element of the adopted Plan is redevelopment of Block 52 at the corner of Broadway and TH25. This year the City has been working with a developer on a potential project encompassing a significant part of the block.

 At the regular meeting on July 11, 2022, the City Council approved the Final Plat and Development Agreement, Final Stage PUD, and rezoning. This was the final step in the land use approval process for the project and a critical milestone toward bringing the project to life.

With project approvals in place, the developers, Economic Development Authority (EDA), and staff will continue to work towards finalizing a financing assistance package followed by site preparation steps, and other tasks that need to be completed prior to construction. We will continue to provide updates as the project progresses, and you can find additional information on our website.

RHET Architecture_Block 52_Renderings_Page_1