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Jul 25

Development Update: Wiha Tools on East 7th Street

Posted to Community & Economic Development on July 25, 2023 at 2:46 PM by Haley Foster

Development Update: Wiha Tools on East 7th Street

Wiha UpdateWalls are going up on the new 73,000+ square foot Wiha Tools manufacturing building, located along East 7th Street. Wiha, a long-time Monticello manufacturer, expects to open their new location in the summer of 2024. They currently have 57 employees and plan to add 59 jobs at their new facility.

Next week beginning Monday, July 31 construction crews will be closing 7th Street between Wright & Ramsey Streets to conduct utility work for the new facility. Additional information about the closure and related detour can be found on our website.

Project History

On Friday, April 21, 2023 Mayor Lloyd Hilgart and city staff joined Wiha Tools for the groundbreaking of their new location and expansion project located on East 7th Street.Wiha Groundbreaking

Mayor Hilgart gave a speech congratulating Wiha Tools, saying, “It’s a great day when a Monticello business has not only been successful, but so successful that they’ve outgrown their current location. It’s an even greater day when they break ground on their new location in the same city they’ve had so much success in.”

Mayor Hilgart noted the many job opportunities manufacturers bring to our community and thanked the City’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) and City staff for their hard work in recognizing the importance of our manufacturing industry and assisting local businesses and manufacturers alike.

We’re excited for Wiha Tools for their upcoming expansion and would like to thank them for continuing to call Monticello their home.

Feb 06

The Pointes at Cedar Project Updates - 2022 Recap

Posted to What's the Pointe? on February 6, 2023 at 3:28 PM by Haley Foster

Although it may be winter, there is still activity occurring at The Pointes! The Pointes Digging.jpg

Private contractors continue to remove material from what will be the central lake feature. It is expected that their work will allow for the full removal of material in the rough shape of the lake by late 2023.

On-Site Activity 

The City is continuing to work with private contractors to coordinate free excavation and removal of materials from the center of The Pointes, creating the lake feature that will be at the heart of the area. It is hoped that all three nodes of the lake will be formed by fall of 2023.

Master Plan for The Pointes’ Park & Open Space Adopted

In September of 2022 the Monticello City Council adopted the Master Plan for The Pointes. The Master Plan illustrates the full vision for the public spaces in the project area. The plan shows the central lake, its surrounding trail system, and a range of public amenities for the community. These public amenities are sprinkled throughout the three biomes – Populus (north), Tilia (central), Quercus (south). The Master Plan now serves as the foundation for the development of plans and specifications for the actual construction of the public spaces at The Pointes.

With this guide in place, the Council has directed the development of plans for the first phase of construction at The Pointes. The plans are to include completion of the final shape and size of the southern node of the central lake, and a looped gravel trail around the southern node. Prairie landscaping plantings are also included, consistent with the “Quercus” or oak savannah biome for this node. Those looking for parks spaces at The Pointes will be excited to learn that the plans will also lay out the first set of park improvements, which will occur on the west side of the Tilia biome.

Once the plans and specifications for this set of improvements is completed in 2023, City Council will determine a budget and construction schedule. Please continue to watch the Pointes at Cedar project page for more information as the project takes shape.The Pointes - DRAFT Master Plan - 3D views_Page_1

Compass Committee 

The Pointes Master Plan for the park and open spaces evolved from an engagement process which ran from November of 2021 through August 2022. A volunteer Compass Committee, including representatives from the Council, Planning Commission, Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission (PARC), and community at large, was engaged to provide guidance throughout the Master Plan’s development. In addition, numerous in person and online activities occurred during that time to gather additional input from the larger Monticello community. 

The Compass Committee helped to guide the vision for the public spaces at the center of The Pointes. Their work was instrumental in gathering additional public input and helping to refine the ideas for how The Pointes can be a truly distinctive Monticello asset. Many thanks to the dedicated community members who served on the Compass Committee!

Zoning Standards in Place for The Pointes

The Pointes at Cedar District (PCD) zoning code is now in place for the 100-acre area. The City Council adopted the new zoning district for The Pointes in April of 2022. The PCD zoning district establishes a consistent framework for applying the City’s goals for this area. The PCD zoning ordinance encourages development uses and design that compliments the public spaces at The Pointes. The PCD provides specific development standards for each of The Pointes at Cedar’s three distinct biomes, from building architecture to landscaping. Click here to view The Pointes at Cedar zoning district map.

What’s Next for The Pointes?

The City Council has asked that staff and the current project consultant begin working on the plans and specifications for the completion of the final shape and size of the southern node of the central lake. Also included in the plans will be a gravel trail around the southern node, along with important landscaping components. In addition, Council asked for plans for the first set of park improvements, which will occur on the west side of the Tilia biome. Once plans and specifications for this set of improvements is completed, the City Council will determine a budget and construction schedule. 

Aug 16

City Council Highlights - August 8, 2022

Posted to Monticello City Council Highlights on August 16, 2022 at 2:58 PM by Haley Foster

August 2022 Construction Updates

There are several projects and improvements being made throughout the City. Here are a few updates and changes happening in Monticello this month!

Street and Sidewalk Improvements Project

The contractor has been working on replacing sections of curb and sidewalk ramps, throughout the Street and Sidewalk Improvements project areas. The contractor began paving the roads on August 4, 2022 and is scheduled to wrap up this week. No on-street parking will be available during the days of milling and paving, please follow the signs posted in the areas of the project.

The contractor is also starting on the removals for the sidewalk sections of the project and installing the new sidewalk once grading is complete. The sidewalk on Walnut & 4th Street around the Cargill Campus will begin next week.

7th Street East Pavement Overlay Project

The 7th Street East pavement overlay project is scheduled to begin this week, August 10 and 11.

Weather permitting, the schedule for the project is as follows: the east bound lane will be closed on Wednesday, August 10 and the westbound lane will be closed Thursday, August 11.

There will be signage, barricades, and cones throughout the project. Please follow the posted signs and use caution when driving through construction zones. The detour will be Cedar to 4th Street to Washington and vice versa. The project is scheduled to wrap up by the end of the week. 

Monticello Library Roof Improvements2022 Library Roof Replacement

The replacement of the library roof began last week (Aug. 1, 2022)! The book drive on the south side and parking spots on the east side of the building have been closed off for construction vehicles and materials.

The Monticello Farmers Market and the Library will remain open. Construction is expected to last about 2 weeks.

Downtown Monticello Improvements and Projects

The City of Monticello is preparing for the reconstruction of a portion of Walnut and River Streets in downtown Monticello, known as the Downtown Roadway and Pedestrian Improvements Project.

Additionally, a private developer is also completing site preparation at the northwest corner of Pine Street (Highway 25) and Broadway (County Road 39) as part of a new mixed-use project on that corner. Work on these two projects is expected to begin in August and continue through 2023. The intent is to coordinate these two projects (the private redevelopment and the public infrastructure) so the outcome is well integrated and construction disruption is minimized.

Over the coming weeks, there will be several contractors on the site completing various components of these projects. The City has contracted with Bolton & Menk to complete a downtown parking study and traffic study. You may also notice some more movement around the EDA-owned building on Block 52. The developer will be starting to do environmental assessments this week.

Xcel Energy has started to relocate their lines surrounding Block 52, once the new lines are installed and operational, they will start to remove overhead lines on a portion of the Block 52 redevelopment area. Other utility companies are working with the City on their relocation plans, but do not have set dates yet.2022 MCC Desk Progress Collage

Visit us at Music on the Mississippi, August 17 at West Bridge Park to learn more about the Downtown Roadway and Pedestrian Improvements Project and talk with project staff.

MCC’s Guest Services Desk Improvements

The Monticello Community Center’s Guest Services desk is getting a new look and some new tech! The old counters and cupboards will be removed, and the menu boards will be replaced with digital display options. This will make it easier for staff to make menu edits and price changes. We can't wait to serve you our new fresh menu items when our remodel is complete!