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May 23

Press Release: City to Receive State Funding for Water Treatment Facility

Posted to City of Monticello - Press Releases on May 23, 2023 at 3:21 PM by Haley Foster

DATE:             May 23, 2023
                         For Immediate Release

CONTACT:      Haley Foster
                          (763) 271-3202 |

City to Receive State Funding for Water Treatment Facility

The City of Monticello will receive $11 million for construction of a new water treatment facility through the 2023 Bonding Bill passed by the State of Minnesota.

State funding was critical for accelerating the timeline for building the facility and its associated utility infrastructure in our community. While the municipal drinking water meets all federal and state regulatory requirements, tests have shown Monticello’s five municipal wells have higher levels of manganese than what is recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

While manganese occurs naturally in drinking water and people need some to stay healthy, emerging evidence indicates too much can be harmful. Based on what scientists have learned about the effects of high levels of manganese, MDH established recommendations for the maximum concentration in drinking water. This remains a guideline rather than a mandate, but Monticello has been proactively working to address the manganese levels.

After implementing the most immediate short-term response by taking the municipal well with the highest level of manganese out of service, Monticello elected to complete a feasibility study that recommended constructing a centralized water treatment facility. While homeowners have options for at-home solutions like water filters to reduce manganese levels, a treatment facility ensures drinking water is treated before being distributed to the public.

The new facility will be constructed at a city-owned site on Chelsea Road that houses existing utility infrastructure. The state funding contribution will not cover the full cost of construction, estimated at $28 million. However, it is a vital financing component that will reduce the amount Monticello needs to bond for and repay through utility rates. City leaders also continue to seek funding support from additional sources, including assistance from the federal government.

Providing safe drinking water to the public is one of our fundamental responsibilities to the public, and we’re committed to enhancing this service so you can feel confident every time you turn on the tap.

May 22

Press Release: West Broadway Closed Beginning May 30

Posted to City of Monticello - Press Releases on May 22, 2023 at 1:21 PM by Haley Foster

DATE:              May 22, 2023
                         For Immediate Release

CONTACT:       Matt Leonard
                          (763) 271-3271 |

County Highway 75 (West Broadway) Closed Beginning May 30, 2023

We’re working hard to enhance Downtown Monticello as a gathering place for the community. As we navigate these changes, we know there will be temporary impacts to the area. As we get ready to kick off summer, we’re also getting ready to kick off construction. 

The west side of downtown is proposed for various construction projects throughout the remainder of the year. There will be evolving traffic impacts and detours on this side of Highway 25, and we encourage residents to prepare to use alternate routes or allow for extra time through the west side of downtown. Our goal is to minimize impacts as best we can, but the extent of the projects will cause disruptions to normal traffic patterns and routes. Thank you for your patience as we work through these improvements to revitalize our downtown!

Beginning Tuesday, May 30, County Highway 75 (West Broadway) will be closed between Walnut Street and Highway 25/Pine Street for utility work. A detour is necessary to complete a water and sewer connection for the Block 52 development and will be posted along 7th Street West and Elm Street. The work will take approximately 2 weeks. Please plan ahead and drive with caution in the area.Wright Co. - Hwy 75 Detour Map (May 2023)

Downtown Construction Alert - West Broadway/Hwy 25 (May 2023)

Mar 14

Press Release: City Council Approves 'No Mow May' - March 13, 2023

Posted to City of Monticello - Press Releases on March 14, 2023 at 3:25 PM by Haley Foster

DATE:           March 14, 2023
                      For Immediate Release

CONTACT:  Haley Foster

City Council Approves ‘No Mow May’

Monticello, MN – On Monday, March 13 City Council approved ‘No Mow May’ in Monticello. For the second consecutive year, the City will suspend nuisance enforcement on grass lengths during the month of May. 

No Mow May is a conservation initiative recommended by the Minnesota DNR. The goal is to allow grass to grow unmown during the month, creating habitat and forage for early season pollinators. Pollinators play a critical role in our food supply and keeping our natural resources healthy. No Mow May1

Residents are encouraged to suspend mowing for the month, but it is not required. There are other ways you can help Minnesota’s pollinators if you want to continue to mow. The public can also plant bee flowers and native plants as well as keep plants pesticide free.

During the month of May, City staff will continue mowing around rental structures in the parks, and around City buildings to ensure accessibility.  We’re excited to participate in No Mow May in other ways, like adding native prairie grasses and wildflowers throughout our parks system.

If residents plan on participating, please note that enforcement will resume Thursday, June 1. At that time, all lawns must be maintained per the City’s Code (grass cannot be over 8 inches). We recommend giving yourself a few days to safely manage your lawn. Here are a couple of tips from the University of Minnesota for mowing long grass:

  • Adjust your mower to the highest setting, you will have to make more than one pass over the grass.
  • After you have reduced the grass height to a more manageable length, change the mower setting by reducing the height of the blade, before making a second pass.
  • Do not cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time in a single mowing. This helps prevent root stress and promotes a healthy lawn.

For more information visit the City’s website or check out the University of Minnesota’s Bee Lab for other actions you can take to help our local pollinators.