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May 11

City Spotlight: Public Hearing Notices

Posted to City Spotlight on May 11, 2023 at 10:02 AM by Haley Foster

Why Did I Get This Public Hearing Notice?

One of the most direct ways the City of Monticello influences the growth of our city is by making decisions about how land will be developed. Monticello officials adopted a subdivision ordinance and zoning ordinance to regulate land use in the community. This helps us maximize the potential of the land and limit conflicts between uses.  

While the ordinances provide structure for future growth, public input remains an important part of the process. MN state statutes require local jurisdictions to prepare public hearing notices when land use controls are proposed to change; in some cases when local government reviews a proposed land use, and when project funding includes potential assessments to benefiting private properties. 

Public hearing notices are posted to the City’s website and published in the City’s official newspaper, the Monticello Times.?They are also sent directly to property owners in the project vicinity. 

This means that from time to time, you may receive a public hearing notice by mail.?If you choose to participate, you’re providing an additional local perspective to the process. Before voting, city leaders receive background information, analysis of the proposal, and details about local regulations; but the hearings are the public’s opportunity to speak directly to local officials.

Public hearings are a formal process to confirm Monticello follows all state regulations, but we strive to provide helpful information, so the public feels welcome participating. If you receive mailed notice of a public hearing, it will tell you what the subject is, when the hearing will occur, and where you can find more information. We also encourage you to use the resources on our website or reach out to staff at city hall if you have additional questions.

Jul 27

City Officials Advocate for I-94 in D.C.

Posted to City Spotlight on July 27, 2022 at 3:55 PM by Haley Foster

US DOT - DC.July2022Two weeks ago Councilmember Charlotte Gabler and Monticello’s city administrator participated in the I-94 Coalition’s fly-in trip to Washington, D.C. They joined representatives from St. Michael, Albertville, Otsego, and Wright County to advocate for the funding needed to complete the expansion of I-94 between Albertville and Monticello.

This is the final “gap” to fill to complete the I-94 upgrades from the Twin Cities to St. Cloud, which will enhance safety and encourage valuable economic growth in our region. I-94 is a vital corridor, and we want to do whatever we can to support ongoing efforts to strengthen and enhance it!

What is the I-94 Coalition?

The City of Monticello often joins with partners to help complete projects that benefit our community as part of the wider region.

Monticello is a member of the I-94 Corridor Coalition and is participating in the efforts to enhance the interstate between the Twin Cities metro and St. Cloud. The coalition is comprised of dedicated local governments, private businesses, local chambers of commerce, and other stakeholders affected by the transportation challenges facing Minnesota.

They are taking a comprehensive approach to expanding the capacity of the corridor to benefit communities and businesses along the entire corridor. Click here to learn more about the coalition and the project our team was supporting in D.C.

 Click here to learn more about the coalition and the project our team was supporting in D.C.I-94 Discussions.July2022

Jan 14

City Spotlight: What is the IEDC?

Posted to City Spotlight on January 14, 2022 at 1:23 PM by Haley Foster

City Spotlight: What is the Industrial & Economic Development Committee?

The Industrial & Economic Development Committee (IEDC) began in 1975 as the Industrial Development Committee (IDC). It was formed by business owners committed to growing manufacturing and industry in Monticello. These passionate local advocates wanted to lend their support to critical issues focused on creating and retaining business and employment in the city. The IDC later became a board of the City of Monticello – in 2008, they became known as the Industrial & Economic Development Committee.

The IEDC's mission is to advocate for industrial and economic growth within the city by promoting awareness and communication efforts on behalf of the business community. The IEDC is made up of representatives from local businesses, organizations, and residents. Meetings are 7 a.m. on the first Tuesday of the month.

Volunteer Opportunity!

We're looking for applicants to fill a vacancy on the IEDC! Applicants must be a Monticello business representative or resident of the City of Monticello. This is one of the few City boards where you are not required to live in Monticello, but you must manage a business within the City to be considered.

The IEDC often works in tandem with the Economic Development Authority (EDA) and offers feedback to the EDA on various economic development opportunities. The IEDC also works with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to act as liaisons to new businesses in the community. The IEDC also has liaisons from the Monticello Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Wright County Economic Development Partnership, and Xcel Energy on their board. Their main purpose is to keep the business community, economic and industrial growth at the heart of the conversation. Interested in joining? Fill out an application!