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Apr 13

The Pointes at Cedar Project Updates - January 2022

Posted on April 13, 2022 at 8:11 AM by Haley Foster

The Pointes at Cedar Project Update: January 2022 Recap 

The Pointes at Cedar Project kicked off the new year with a lot of brainstorming, teamwork, and discussion. Our teams discussed activities, design elements, and the physical building characteristics of The Pointes. Now that our committees have a more developed concept, we’re ready to bring those ideas to you!

Stay Up-to-Date and Share Your Ideas!

We want to hear your ideas for how The Pointes’ public spaces will look and feel. City representatives will be at the MonticellGLOW Parade on Saturday, Feb. 26, and at the Indoor Farmers Market on Saturday, March 12 to hear more from the community on activities and design elements for the park spaces within the project. The Pointes at Cedar project page will also have opportunities to share your ideas and offer feedback on the project as it progresses – stay tuned for those updates!

Zoning Work GroupThe Pointes Drawing

The Zoning Work Group is charged with supporting the development of a zoning ordinance specific to The Pointes at Cedar. Zoning provides the standards for the types of uses and site design that will occur in the project area.

The Work Group met Tuesday, Dec. 28 and Tuesday, Jan. 4 to identify specific characteristics for building materials, landscaping, signage, and design for the private development areas at The Pointes. The characteristics outlined are reflective of the three biomes in The Pointes – north, central, and south. The group stressed that the characteristics should be a guide and provide development flexibility in the final design. The Work Group also expressed thoughts on the review process for projects proposed for The Pointes.

The group met again on February 7 at 5 p.m. at the Monticello Community Center. The Zoning Ordinance Work Group includes a City Council, Planning Commission, and PARC representative. All of the board representatives are also Monticello residents. A property owner from The Pointes area is also a member of the group. An upcoming joint Planning Commission and City Council workshop is planned to review the work to-date.

The Pointes at Cedar NewsflashCompass Committee 

The Compass Committee is helping create and guide the public spaces at The Pointes. The Committee is made up of a cross-section of Monticello community members.

The Compass Committee has not met since the time of the December Pointes’ update. They will meet next on February 16 at 5 p.m. at the Monticello Community Center. The next Compass Committee meeting will be focused on prioritizing the committee’s ideas for places, activities, and programs that will make The Pointes a welcoming place for the entire community.