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Apr 13

The Pointes at Cedar Project Updates - December 2021

Posted on April 13, 2022 at 8:11 AM by Haley Foster

The Pointes at Cedar Project Update: December 2021 Recap

December 2021 was a busy month for the City of Monticello’s Pointes at Cedar project. The City created a new committee, called the Compass Committee to help ‘pointe’ the development in the right direction. The goal of the committee is to keep the project centered around the community of Monticello, incorporating a vision that’s focused on what the public wants and needs. Making The Pointes at Cedar a destination within the city.

Zoning Work Group

The Zoning Work Group is charged with helping develop a zoning ordinance specific to The Pointes at Cedar. Zoning provides the standards for the types of uses and site design that will occur in the project area. At the most recent meeting, the Zoning Work Group used example photos to identify specific characteristics for building materials, landscaping, signage, and design for The Pointes. This guidance will help the City’s planning consultant begin drafting ordinance language for discussion.

Compass Committee

The Compass Committee is helping create and guide the public spaces at the center of The Pointes. The Compass Committee met for the first time on December 15, 2021. After introductions and a presentation by the project team, committee members were led through an imagining exercise to think about what should be included to make The Pointes at Cedar a welcoming place for the entire community. Recurring themes included:

  • Diversity of place - include physical spaces that promote a mix of uses ranging from quiet and contemplative spaces for yoga, meditation and sitting quietly on a bench; to a public stage that allows for local performances of music, theatre, and art.The Pointes at Cedar Newsflash
  • All ages venue - focus on promoting multi-generational use of this public gathering place in a way that encourages people of different ages to meet and enjoy this place together. Ideas to accomplish this focused on programing and events that bring in a mix of cultures and generations, including a food truck event, an annual pond hockey tournament that includes different ages playing at the same time, outdoor films, and pairing activities together such as coffee and a book club or a “paint and sip” event.
  • Access and opportunity – it’s important to provide resources and amenities to assure all are welcome and can fully utilize The Pointes at Cedar.

The committee will meet next on February 16, 2022.

Board & Commission Updates

The City Council approved a request for a 200-unit multi-family residential project known as Monticello Lakes, proposed in the southeast corner of The Pointes at Cedar. Construction of the project is anticipated to begin in early 2022. There was no other formal City board or commission activity on The Pointes for the month of December.

General Project Updates

City staff and project consultants from WSB and NAC meet each month to work through a variety of planning and design topics related to the next phase of work on The Pointes. WSB is consultant for the grading, park and open space, and landscaping; NAC is the consultant for The Pointes Small Area Plan and The Pointes Zoning Ordinance. The joint meetings allow for communication on the work of the Compass Committee and Zoning Work Group. This month, the staff and consultant team discussed the December 15 Compass Committee meeting, utility relocation coordination, and opportunities for additional public engagement.