Flashing Yellow Arrows Project

In 2022 the City of Monticello received a Local Partnership Program (LPP) Grant to add flashing yellow arrows to traffic signals at 10 intersections in town. The proposed flashing left turn arrows are intended to provide better vehicle spacing entering State Highway 25 and I-94 and a better level of service at each intersection by reducing vehicle delays and potentially reducing turning vehicles on red lights.

Construction is anticipated to start in Spring 2024. These intersections will have flashing yellow arrows added:

  • Trunk Highway (TH) 25 and School Boulevard 
  • TH 25 and Chelsea Road 
  • TH 25 and I-94 Westbound Ramp 
  • TH 25 and I-94 Eastbound Ramp
  • County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 18 and I-94 Westbound Ramp 
  • CSAH 18 and I-94 Eastbound Ramp
  • CSAH 18 and CSAH 39/CSAH 75 (Broadway Street)
  • CSAH 75 and Hospital/Middle School 
  • CSAH 75 and Highland Way