City of Monticello Art Walk

Art Walk Collage

In 2018, the City of Monticello started an arts program, the Monticello Arts Initiative (now lovingly dubbed, MontiArts) with the hopes of revitalizing its downtown through murals, events, sculptures, etc. Through the hard work of building community connections and grant writing, MontiArts has become a unique, artistic force in the region.   

Stops 1-7: The Monticello Community Center

The Monticello Community Center boasts several fun, public amenities including a public pool, waterslide, rock climbing wall, and more! It proudly displays works of art from several local artists.

  • When you park behind MCC (the lot off West 5th Street and Locust), you’ll see a young girl with hearts. This piece was created by artist Hallie Leffingwell as part of her series of mini murals. 
  • As you’re walking inside the MCC entrance, you’ll see a whale mural by street artist Limpio.
  • If you’re walking through MCC you will see several large, colorful murals painted by artist Parker McDonald. Parker has been a pillar of Monticello’s creative community for many years. His most recent mural inside the MCC was completed just this month (October 2022) in the pool area!
  • Visitors stopping by the Monticello Senior Center, located inside MCC (the parking lot off 6th Street across from the Public Library) are treated with a gorgeously vibrant mural created by Monticello artist Helene Woods, this piece is called Bodies in Motion. Click here to watch MontiArts' interview with Helene.
  • Also on 6th Street, behind MCC is the Monticello Park Barn (formerly the fire station), here you’ll find a busy little bee proudly displayed, another mini mural by Hallie Leffingwell.
  • At the front of MCC, facing Walnut Street, you’ll find a sculpture by Parker McDonald detailing a small group of swans in flight. This piece is a big part of Monticello's art history and is one of several pieces by Parker McDonald throughout town.
  • On the Corner of Walnut, just before the railroad tracks in front of MCC, you’ll also see our beautiful fish planter! This beautiful and fully functional piece of art was created by our MontiArts staff and the Community.

Stops 8-16: Walking on Walnut

  • Just outside of the Monticello Public Library, is a sculpture of a young girl reading by Parker McDonald.
    • Inside the library you’ll find another beautiful mural also created by Parker.
  • The Monticello DMV has a mini mural on a pillar inside of their lobby. It was created by MontiArts' staff members Erica, Sadie & Sue!
    • There’s also a mini mural by Hallie Leffingwell of a smiling woman on the side of the Monticello DMV building.
  • Across from the Monticello Community Center, by La Michoacana Ice Cream, is local artist Alison Yager’s, The Cow Tag Project. Alison led over 20 community members in an art build when creating this installation. Click here to watch the 'Making of' Video!
  • Along Walnut, you’ll see a cluster of mini murals by Hallie Leffingwell:
    • A Duck Mural on Cargill
    • A Bird Mural at Cornerstone Café
  • There are also some hidden gems on the wooden power poles downtown, created by MontiArt’s Director Sue Seeger.
    •  There are small metal birds on the pole behind Cornerstone Café.
    • Metal flowers on the pole by Manny’s Comics.

Stops 17-24: Broadway

  • Across the street from Cornerstone Café is Lucille Murray's Dance Studio, here you’ll find another mini mural by Hallie.
  • At the intersection of Broadway and HWY 25, you’ll see another cluster of beautiful pieces of art:
    • There is a mural of a proposal by Hallie on Classique Jewelers.
    • There is a floral mural by artist Allison Hunsley.
    • The City in Motion mural by Allison Hunsley.
    • The Downtown Shimmer Wall. This was the first installation by the MontiArts and it was an ambitious idea to select a photograph to display in a truly unique way in a very visible place downtown. A committee selected a photo by local photographer Chris Lommel to be constructed of thousands of reflective discs that flutter in the breeze giving the image movement and a shimmering quality.
    • Across the street from the Shimmer wall is another mini mural of a woman by Hallie.
    • In front of the Shimmer Wall, you’ll see two swan sculptures, created by MontiArt’s incredibly talented Director, Sue Seeger.
      • There is some bonus art by Sue here too! There are metal flowers on a wooden pole near the City in Motion mural!

Stops 25-26: MontiArts

Along Broadway you will also find both of our MontiArts buildings!

  • MontiArts HQ can be found at 213 West Broadway, there is always something fun and unique happening here, whether it’s open mic night, open studio, or a community art project.
  • The MontiArts Garage is located at 349 West Broadway and is often used for the creation of our larger, messier projects. On the garage you’ll see a mural of swans by artist Hallie Leffingwell.

Stops 27-33: Our Parks

  • West Bridge Park – West Bridge is home to another uniquely Monticello display, the Community Funky Fish Sign Project.This community project started with funky fish painted by community members, a dead oak from a cemetery, and some elbow grease by MontiArts and the Parks Department. Click here to watch the Funky Fish Sign come together!
    • There is also a mini mural by Hallie on our community building in West Bridge!
  • East Bridge Park – East Bridge boasts a beautiful flower garden in the summer months, maintained by a wonderful group of volunteers, it also features two incredible sculptures:
    • The Gathering by Alan and Nicole Milligan of The Milligan Studio. Click here to watch MontiArts' interview with the Milligans.
    • A Dragonfly, Grasshopper & Lady Bug on stalks by Parker McDonald. Click here to learn more about MontiArts' newest art installation (Sept. 21, 2023).
    • There is also a mini MontiArts garden mural by volunteer artists: Erica Ostreim Witzmann, Ken Becker, and Roxanne Skeie Hillard.
  • Otter Creek Park – Otter Creek has a fun sculpture of an Otter riding a bike, the locals have fully embraced him, and you will often find the Otter wearing a cute, seasonal outfit.
  • Ellison Park - Monticello is a destination small mouth bass fishing spot. This inspired one of Parker McDonald's latest creations for Monticello at the Ellison Park Boat launch: a beautiful bass sculpture. The sculpture is one of MontiArt’s newest installations and was delivered by Parker just one year ago (Sept. 26, 2023)!