2022 Street Improvement Project

The 2022 Street Improvement Project includes a mill and overlay of largely residential streets. This year’s proposed project includes the Rolling Woods, Wildwood, Briar Oakes and Eastwood neighborhoods. Other roads that are part of the proposed project include Hart Blvd., east of Riverview Drive and Broadway Street between Riverview and Hart. The project will also include completing several sidewalk gaps and repairs.

The 2022 Sidewalk Improvement Project was added to the 2022 Street Improvement Project by City Council on Monday, Feb. 14, 2022. The sidewalk portion of the project consists of four areas. Two areas along 4th Street and Walnut, a missing section on Washington Street near the middle school, and on Chelsea Road near the high school.

The City of Monticello's Pavement Conditions Map is used by the City's Engineering Department to determine what streets need to be updated and improved when planning upcoming projects.

Project Updates

Construction Update - July, 21 2022: The contractor has been working on replacing sections of curb and sidewalk ramps, throughout the project. This week they are working on patching the asphalt and backfilling behind the replaced concrete. The contractor anticipates to start milling the roads starting the middle of next week. Once the roads are milled paving is planned to start the week after. No on-street parking will be available during working hours on the days of milling and paving.

The proposed 2022 Street Improvement Project locations are shown in the map below:

The proposed 2022 Street Improvement Project locations are shown in this map.