Watering & Watering Restrictions

The City of Monticello initiated a Water Conservation Ordinance under Lawn and Gardening Regulations, which specifies a permanent odd/even watering schedule from June 1 through September 30 of each year.Odd/Even Watering Schedule

A property address ending in an even number is allowed to water on even calendar days, while a property address ending in an odd number is allowed to water on odd calendar days in accordance with ordinance § 50.18 EMERGENCY REGULATIONS. 


  • First Offense: Written Warning
  • Second Offense: $50 Surcharge
  • Each Subsequent Offense: $100 Surcharge per violation

Exemption Permits

For residents putting in new lawns or planting new trees, a 30-day permit may be obtained from Public Works. This permit allows residents to water every day during the 30-day period. This permit is not renewable, it is a one-time-only exemption.

Rain Sensors

Also added to the Lawn and Garden Watering Regulations ordinance is a section on rain sensors. Rain sensors are required on all commercial, institutional or governmental sprinkler systems. All newly installed sprinkling systems, including residential systems, are required by this ordinance to be equipped with rain sensors.


Any questions regarding watering regulations may be directed to the Public Works Department at 763-295-3170. You may also use the contact form to contact Public Works.