Nuisance & Blights

Monticello utilizes city ordinances to address common property-related problems within neighborhoods. Our ordinances include regulations related to:

Each of these ordinances is aimed at balancing the need to help ensure the general health, safety and welfare of citizens while protecting individual property rights.

Connect with Your Neighbors

In addition to the ordinances, the City encourages homeowners to connect with their neighbors. Getting to know your neighbors is one of the best ways to ensure your neighborhood stays vibrant and safe.

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Understanding the Department of Building Safety and Code Enforcement

The City’s Department of Building Safety is responsible for enforcing city ordinances related to housing and zoning, property maintenance, outdoor storage, residential parking, and unlicensed/inoperable vehicles.

Monticello’s inspectors respond to citizen requests, conduct proactive inspections, and provide education on code enforcement. This work improves public health and safety, the appearance of neighborhoods, and the image of the entire Monticello community.

Secure & Maintained Properties

The City also works to contact the banks, real estate firms or others who may be holding foreclosed properties in neighborhoods. The goal is to help ensure these properties are secure and properly maintained.

How to Report a Potential Violation

  • Click the “Report a Problem” button on our website - this will take you to our new SeeClickFix program
  • Call the Department of Building Safety at 763-295-3060
  • Visit City Hall inside the Monticello Community Center

Please note: The complainant’s name is protected information, as is any inspection data, letters, results, phone calls, emails, or photos concerning the case.