Strategic Planning


In 2017 the City of Monticello engaged in a strategic planning process to envision the future of Monticello and prioritize projects to accomplish that vision. The plan was primarily developed during two spring workshops with city council members and city department heads. The final document was approved by City Council in May 2017 and contains a new mission statement for the city, six goals, and a variety of objectives.

The Strategic Plan is a living document that will evolve as opportunities and resources change over time. However, it provides a positive focus for our energy and a unified sense of purpose as we work toward the future we envision for our city.

Swans Sculpture at the Monticello Community Center2017 Strategic Plan

View the 2017 Strategic Plan (PDF) to learn more about how we plan to achieve these goals. We'll continue to add more information throughout the year.


The mission of the City of Monticello is to responsibly use our resources to provide quality services and programs that foster a dynamic community rooted in history and preparing for a vibrant future.

Strategic Goals

The City's six strategic goals were collaboratively created by City Council and members of staff. They are designed to cover a variety of initiatives while providing focus and guidance to help prioritize projects within our limited resources.

  1. Create & Preserve Sustainable Livability
  2. Build a Connected Community
  3. Strengthen our Image as a Destination
  4. Support a Vibrant Economy
  5. Be a Regional Leader
  6. Invest in People