Fire Station

Newly Finished Fire Department BuildingConstruction Complete

The fire station on Chelsea Road was completed in early 2020. The fire department moved into the building in March.

Construction Timeline

Construction began in May 2019 and wrapped up in February 2020.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

On May 10, 2019 the city held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the start of the project's next phase. City Council, retired and active firefighters, citizens, and staff were present to commemorate the moment before construction crews got to work at the site.


After more than 30 years since being constructed, the Monticello Fire Station was no longer meeting the needs of the department.

In 2017 the city began exploring whether to expand the station at its current location or construct a new building in a different location. Ultimately, the City Council decided new construction would be most efficient and effective.


After reviewing several options, the council selected a city-owned lot at 103 Chelsea Road. The new location offers:

  • A central location in the city with direct access to and from the site for firefighters and emergency response vehicles.
  • Access to the Fallon Avenue Overpass to avoid the crowded TH 25 corridor
  • Access to I-94 for accidents on the freeway.
  • Large enough land area for the fire station and vehicle access without disrupting current uses on the property.
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Fire Department Building Conceptual RenderingBuilding Design & Approval

A Fire Department Building Committee made up of representatives from the Fire Department, City Council, and city staff worked with an architect to create the plans for the new building.

In December 2018 the City Council approved the plans and specifications and authorized staff to bid the project.

In January 2019 the City Council awarded the $4.1 million contract for construction in 2019.

Financial Impact

The estimated cost of the fire station was included in the Capital Improvement Plan approved by the City Council in 2018.

To fund the project, the city can sell up to $5.6 million in General Obligation Bonds, allowing the cost of the project to be incorporated into the tax levy and financed over a period of 15 years.

Sales Tax Exemption

During the 2019 session, the city successfully pursued legislation for a sales tax exemption on the costs of construction.

A bill passed with the omnibus tax bill allows Monticello to get a reimbursement for the sales tax spent on materials, supplies, and equipment used in construction of the fire station. The reimbursement means the city can more efficiently use the funds allocated for this important public safety project.

We want to thank Representative Marion O’Neill and Senator Bruce Anderson for introducing these bills and supporting Monticello’s efforts to construct the new station!