Recreational Fires

Monticello's Code of Ordinances specifies that fires set for recreational, ceremonial, food preparation, or social purposes are allowed in the city limits as long as these conditions are followed:

  • Only dry raw wood, or wood products such as sticks. No painted or treated wood or other lightweight vegetation such as leaves shall be burned in a recreational fire.
  • The fire must be contained within a three feet diameter fire pit area.
  • The fire must not be left unattended.
  • Fire pits must be located in the rear yard only, at least 25 feet from any structure or property line.
  • Portable fire pits with covers are allowed for use in front yards on driveways only and may not be within 25 feet of any structure in the front yard. Portable fire pits with covers shall not be stored on the driveway or front yard when not in use.
  • All fires must be completely extinguished with water before leaving them unattended. The wind should also be considered before lighting any fire.


View the Fires section of the code.