Downtown Small Area Plan


Downtown Monticello IllustrationIn 2017 the city worked on a plan to set the vision for reinvestment in Downtown Monticello. It included input from various city boards, business and property owners, and residents. As the plan evolved over the spring and summer, it was guided by a steering committee and public feedback received at open houses and engagement activities.

Once the draft plan was completed, the EDA and Planning Commission suggested final revisions and both voted to recommend the City Council adopt the Small Area Plan. On September 25, 2017 City Council voted to adopt the plan and the corresponding amendments to the Monticello Comprehensive Plan. Together, the Small Area Plan and Comprehensive Plan define a clear vision and strategy for revitalizing downtown.

Plan Documents

4 Goals of the Downtown Small Area Plan

  1. Improve Pine Street for all users
  2. Shift the center of downtown to Broadway and Walnut Streets
  3. Encourage small and medium scaled investments
  4. Become a river town