Equity Initiative

Advancing Racial Equity in Minnesota Cities

In 2019 the City participated in a program offered by the League of Minnesota Cities in partnership with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity. The program, Advancing Racial Equity in Minnesota Cities, has been training larger metro area cities for several years. 2019 was the first year it was scaled down to allow medium and smaller cities in greater Minnesota a chance to participate.

The program was a 9 month commitment and offered training, tools, and resources to create an equity program individualized to unique characteristics of our city. Monticello sent staff representatives from the following departments to the training:

  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Community Development
  • Public Works
  • Monticello Community Center

Why We Focus on Equity

We believe we have a responsibility to ensure our policies, programs, and services are equitable for all people in the community.

Our initial work focuses on racial equity but is not exclusive to race. We believe in an intersectional approach that incorporates gender, ethnicity, disability status, class, religion, sexual preference, and more.

Moving Forward

This initiative is an ongoing effort. As an organization, we are striving to increase awareness for staff, officials, and our community as well as advance that awareness into action. We will continue to update on our efforts over time.