Delinquent Utility Bills

What You Need to Know About Delinquent Utility Bills

  • Residents receive their utility bills monthly.
  • Bills are always due on the 1st of the month.
  • Past due amounts automatically roll onto the next month's bill, with a late fee, as a beginning balance.
  • The late fee is 5% of the total bill.
  • In September, delinquent accounts with a balance of $75 or more are sent a notice of public hearing.
  • If left unpaid, past due amounts of $75 or more are certified to the property taxes by the end of November, including 6% interest calculated from the public hearing date and a $75 assessment processing charge.

Delinquent Balances at Rentals

Own a rental property in Monticello? Use any of these options to be notified of a delinquent balance at your rental:

  • Request a copy of the monthly bill to be sent to you every month.
  • Contact City Hall to request a current balance at any time.
  • Add the renter's account to your online utility billing profile.

Please call 763-271-3228 if you have questions.