Utilities, Garbage & Recycling

Residents receive monthly utility bills with charges for water, sewer, garbage and recycling, and possible miscellaneous costs (replacement recycling bins, water shut off/on, etc.).

To open, close, or ask a question about your account, please call utility billing at 763-271-3228 and leave a message. Our staff will return your call to help you.

Pay Your Utility Bill

The same website where you pay your bill gives you the option to sign up for e-bills (you'll save 50 cents per bill!).

Want to see how your utility bill compares to other cities in the State? Click on the large rate utility survey information below!

Discount Forms

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Sign-Up Form (PDF) - Sign up for ACH automatic payments and receive a discount each billing period!

E-Bill Discount Sign-Up Form (PDF) - Sign up for E-Bills and receive a discount each billing period!

Canceling ACH Payments

To cancel ACH automatic payments, residents must notify the city in writing with reasonable time for the city and financial institution to process the cancellation.

Cancellations cannot be completed on the online payment site.

Questions? Please leave a message at 763-271-3228 and our staff will return your call.