Excavation Permits

Monticello Public Works is currently accepting excavation permit requests online.

Contractor Requirements 48 Hours Prior to Excavation

A. Certificate of Liability Insurance

  • Certificate must be on file at Monticello Public Works.
    • $1,000,000 minimum, general liability
    • $ 500,000 minimum, automobile liability
    • $ 100,000 minimum, worker's compensation
  • City of Monticello shall be listed as Certificate Holder

B. License & Permit Bond

  • License and Permit Bond on file at Monticello Public Works in the amount of $15,000 OR Minnesota Pipelayer's Bond

C.  Excavation Permit Application

  • Contact Monticello Public Works ahead to schedule an inspection
  • Fee: $105 per permit (This fee may have already been included in the building permit fees paid at City Hall.)
  • Sign the permit at Monticello Public Works OR request permit via email.  A signed permit by the applicant must be emailed to Public Works before work begins
  • Copy of permit will be issued
  • Contractor should read and understand all regulations

Sewer Service Requirements

  • Required Pipe: SDR 26 or Schedule 40
  • All joints rubber gasketed or primed and glued
  • Contractors must pressure test at 4 pounds per 4 minutes
  • Cleanouts are required if service is more than 75 feet
  • Cleanout required every 75 feet
  • Sewer services will not be buried until properly inspected by City staff

Water Service Requirements

  • 1-inch minimum, K-Copper or PE4710 Blue with clear core SDR-7 (tracer wire required on all PE water services installed to city specifications)
  • Contractor to flush residential service line with fresh water by opening/closing curb stop
  • Contractor to hydrostatically pressure test residential service line with fresh water and a sanitized pump to 150 psi for not less than 15 minutes prior to the arrival of the City inspector
  • Contractor must hydrostatically pressure test  all commercial services at 150 pounds for 2 hours
  • Water services will not be buried until properly inspected by City staff
  • Contractor will set the standpipe to final final
  • Contractor shall place a steel fence post alongside standpipe to mark the standpipe

Water Meter Installations

Pick up water meter at Public Works

  • Contractor or plumber responsible to pick up the meter and meter connections
  • Contractor to provide the property address for meter installation and payment will be verified
  • Contractor to inform Public Works when water needs to be turned on
  • Contractor to set meter prior to water turn on

Please direct additional questions to the Monticello Water Department by calling (763) 271-3274 or the Monticello Public Works Department by calling 763-295-3170.