Winter Street Reminders

Snowplow Policy

Monticello's formal snowplowing policy is reviewed and adopted every year by the City Council. The policy outlines the minimum levels of service, but city crews strive to achieve better results whenever possible. Call the Public Works Department at 763-295-3170 to report any concerns or complaints.

Winter Parking Restrictions

Beginning November 15 through April 1 there is NO PARKING allowed on city streets from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.

The overnight parking restriction allows crews to perform snowplow operations efficiently and effectively throughout the winter. In 2022 the City opted to limit on-street parking only during declared snow events but found the consistent nightly restriction was more effective at keeping public streets free of parked cars during snowfalls.

The city will continue to declare snow events as needed outside of the November 15 or April 1 timeline, or if large accumulation requires parking restrictions outside of the standard 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. window. The snow event alerts will include the time frame for no on-street parking, and the news will be communicated in a variety of ways, including the City’s website, opt-in text or email alerts, social media, and local news outlets.

Put Snow in Its Place

The Public Works Department's equipment and drivers make sure the streets of our city are as safe as possible, but we need property owners to help by blowing, shoveling, or plowing their snow onto their own property or the boulevard area adjacent to their property; not in the street.

It is a violation of Minnesota State Statute 160.2715 to push snow into or across a public street. Snow deposited or left on roadways creates a hazard to passing motorists and can cause serious accidents. Even heavy snowplows have been damaged when hitting compacted and frozen snow deposited on roadways. 

Because the practice is illegal, the person depositing the snow may also find him/herself faced with civil liability lawsuits as the primary cause of the accident. We urge you, as good neighbors and motorists, not to add to the hazards of winter driving. Please help us out by keeping snow and ice out of the street.

  1. Mailbox Damage
  2. Mail Delivery
  3. Garbage Cans

Every year before the snow flies, it's a good idea to take a look at your mailboxes and posts. Check for obvious damage such as cracked boards or posts, missing screws, etc., but also look below ground level to make sure your post is still in good condition. A rotted post will not stand up to a Minnesota winter, and repairs are more difficult after the ground has frozen. In addition, the Public Works Department cannot be responsible for mailboxes knocked down as a result of snow thrown off a plow onto a weak post.

Mailbox Damage

While the installation of mailboxes on city-owned right-of-way is permitted, the mailbox owner assumes all risk of damage except where a mailbox is damaged through direct contact by snow removal vehicles.

If damaged due to direct contact by a snow removal vehicle, the mailbox will be considered for compensation at City expense. Compensation for mailboxes and posts shall be for materials only with a maximum allowable reimbursement of $150 per single-family residence and a maximum allowable reimbursement of $200 per cluster mailboxes. The property owner is required to submit an itemized statement of materials. Newspaper boxes installed under mailboxes do not allow for snow equipment to pass under and can cause an indirect hit to the mailbox.

Residents are asked to call the Public Works Department at 763-295-3170 to report mailbox damage within 72 hours. The Street Superintendent will review the damage and determine whether the damage will be considered for compensation.

If a mailbox is damaged due to indirect contact, including the force of snow generated by the snow removal vehicle, the City assumes no responsibility. Homeowners in this climate must utilize mailboxes able to withstand the force of a snow windrow off the end of a snowplow.

  1. Landscape Damage
  2. Driveways
  3. Snow Fort Alert

Damage to trees, shrubbery, sprinkler heads, and other landscaping will not be considered for compensation unless located beyond the boulevard or private property. The City will re-seed plow disturbed areas of the boulevard in the late spring/early summer when staffing and workloads permit.