Spring Tree Sale

Spring Tree Sale Coming Soon ~ 
Accepting online orders only beginning February 1st! Please click here to view the city catalog and click on "Community Events" then "Spring Tree Sale". The tree sale is open to city residents only and limited to 3 trees/household. Click the Spring Tree Sale form at the right to view the program details, including dates and trees available.

Things to note about bare root trees prior to planting:

  • Call before you dig!
  • To prevent the tree from breaking its dormancy, you must keep it cool (ideally between 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Keep your bare root tree moist in a bucket of water or the damp roots wrapped in a plastic bag.
  • Store the trees in your unheated garage or against the north side of your house.
  • Just before planting, inspect the roots and cut off any that are dead or broken.
  • If the roots feel dried out at all, submerge them in water for a couple of hours before planting.
  • Keep the roots in a bucket of water or wrapped in moist burlap until the tree is in the ground.

Please call Monticello Parks, Arts & Recreation with any questions at 763-295-2711.