TH 25 Improvements

In early 2020, the City of Monticello and Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) hosted a neighborhood meeting for Kjellberg neighborhood residents to identify safety concerns along TH25.

Following the meeting, staff at both organizations evaluated possible solutions to increase safety and accessibility in the area. As a result, two projects are proposed to be installed this summer.

Lighting Improvement Project

MnDOT is installing additional streetlights along TH25. The new lighting will be added at the Kjellberg neighborhood entrances as well as at the J-turn located approximately a quarter of a mile down the road.

BumpoutTH25 Improvement Project

MnDOT is proposing an interim improvement project that mixes permanent and temporary elements to promote traffic calming and accessibility.

Please note, the purpose of using temporary fixtures is to measure effectiveness. If the changes are successful, they will be left in place until they can be made permanent. If not, MnDOT and city staff will evaluate alternate options.

Permanent Project Changes

Permanent project changes include:Tube Delineator

  • Pedestrian improvements near the Kjellberg neighborhood

Temporary Project Changes

Temporary project changes include:

  • Adding interim bump-outs in the northeast and southwest corners of the intersection to help slow traffic like the example to the right. These locations don't interfere with turn lanes in the area.
  • Installing tube delineators (Example B) on northbound TH 25 from the turnaround south of Kjellberg's to the taper for the right turn lane, and a similar installation on the southbound side from south of School Boulevard to the right turn lane taper. These delineators may help slow drivers approaching the Kjellberg Mobile Home Park.

Speed Study
As part of this project, MnDOT will perform a speed study before the installation and follow-up with a speed study after to monitor potential changes in speed.

This data will help us make additional decisions about speeds in the area and possible future traffic calming efforts.