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Mailbox Damage by Snowplow

Mail Boxes
While the installation of mailboxes on City owned right-of-way is permitted, the mailbox owner assumes all risk of damage except where a mailbox is damaged through direct contact by snow removal vehicles. If the mailbox is damaged due to direct contact by a snow removal vehicle, it will be considered for compensation at City expense. Compensation for mailboxes and posts shall be for materials only with a maximum allowable reimbursement of $150/single family residence and a maximum allowable reimbursement of $200/cluster mailboxes. The property owner will be required to submit an itemized statement of materials. Newspaper boxes installed under mailboxes do not allow for snow equipment to pass under and can cause an indirect hit to the mailbox. Residents are asked to contact the Public Works Department at 763-295-3170 to report mailbox damage within 72 hours.  The Street Superintendent will review the damage and determine whether the damage will be considered for compensation.

If a mailbox is damaged due to indirect contact, including the force of snow generated by the snow removal vehicle, the City assumes no responsibility. It is necessary for homeowners in this climate to use materials and construct mailboxes that will withstand the force of a snow windrow off the end of a snowplow.

Damage to trees, shrubbery, sprinkler heads, and other landscaping will not be considered for compensation unless located beyond the boulevard or private property.  The City will re-seed plow disturbed areas of the boulevard in the late spring/early summer when staffing and workload permits.

Mail Delivery
The snowplow operators make every effort to remove snow as close to the curb line as practical to provide access to mailboxes for the postal department.  It is not possible to provide perfect conditions and minimize damage to mailboxes with the size of equipment the City operates.  The final cleaning adjacent to mailboxes is the responsibility of each resident.

One of the most frequent and irritable problems in removal of snow from public streets is the snow deposited in driveways during plowing operations.  Snow being accumulated on the plow blade has no place to go but in the driveway.  The amount of snow deposited in the driveways may be significant but is unavoidable due to the nature of snow removal.  The depth of snow in any given driveway is proportional to the depth of the given snowfall.  The City will not clean driveways or private property.

Please call Public Works at 763-295-3170 with Questions or Concerns

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