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The Engineering Department strives to provide helpful, personal, user-friendly services to residents, businesses and developers in Monticello.  The Engineering Department is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Protect the public health, safety and welfare through sound engineering designs and practices.
  • Protect the public health, safety and welfare through enforcement of city codes and ordinances.
  • Respond to engineering concerns from residents, elected officials, other city staff, business and industry.
  • Inspect and address drainage concerns.
  • Inspect and address pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic engineering concerns.
  • Review commercial and industrial site plans.
  • Review residential development plans.
  • Review zoning and subdivision ordinances.
  • Review housing and redevelopment plans.
  • Coordinate with local and state agencies to provide funding for engineering projects and services.
  • Assist businesses, industries and residents in their efforts to relocate or expand in Monticello.
  • Review and approve driveway, grading, and right-of-way permit applications. 
  • Administer the city's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP).

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Plan Requirements and Design Guidelines
This web site features links, maps and other resources intended to allow residents, businesses and developers to better understand how, where and why the city is growing.  If you feel there is useful information missing from this site, please feel free to contact the Engineering Department using the link below.   

The Engineering Department is also responsible for reviewing, updating and supporting the City of Monticello engineering publications listed below.

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