City of Monticello, MN


Excavation Permits

Contractor Requirements 48 Hours Prior to Excavation

A.  Certificate of Liability Insurance
Certificate must be on file at Monticello Public Works

  • $1,000,000 minimum, general liability
  • $ 500,000 minimum, automobile liability
  • $ 100,000 minimum, worker’s compensation
  • City of Monticello shall be listed as Certificate Holder

B.  License & Permit Bond

A License & Permit Bond must be on file at Monticello Public Works (See table below for appropriate bond amount for work to be done)

Number of Excavation Permits                                            Bond Amount

1-5 Permits/12 month period:                                                    $  2,000

6-20 Permits/12 month period:                                                  $10,000

21-50 Permits/12 month period:                                                $25,000

50 + Permits/12 month period:                                                  $50,000

In all other cases of excavation permits, the bond should be 1 ½ times the value of the work per permit or an amount agreed upon between the City and the Contractor for multiple permits per year.

C.  Excavation Permit Application
  • Contact Monticello Public Works for Excavation Permit 
  • Permit will be issued and signed by excavator
  • Fee: $105.00/permit (This fee may have already been included in the building permit fees paid at City Hall)
  • Inspection date/time will be scheduled
  • Copy of permit along with the Excavation Regulations will be issued
  • Contractor should read and understand all regulations
Sewer Service Requirements
  • Required Pipe: SDR 26 or Schedule 40
  • All joints rubber gasketed or primed and glued
  • Contractors must pressure test at 4 lbs./4 min.
  • Wye required at property line
  • Wye should be capped if service line less than 75' in length
  • If service line is more than 75', it should be raised to the surface for a cleanout
  • Cleanout required every 75'
  • Sewer services will not be buried until properly inspected by the City

Water Service Requirements
  • 1" minimum, K-Copper only
  • City will provide meter valve
  • Contractor to flush residential service line with fresh water by opening/closing curb stop
  • Contractor to pump up residential service line with fresh water and a sanitized pump to 150 psi for not less than 15 minutes prior to the arrival of the City inspector
  • Contractor must pressure test all commercial services at 150 lbs. for 2 hours
  • Water services will not be buried until properly inspected by City
  • Contractor should raise standpipe to a minimum of 6" above ground
  • Contractor shall place a steel fence post alongside standpipe (to protect it)
Water Meter Installations
  • Pick up water meter at Public Works
  • Contractor or plumber responsible to pick up the meter and meter valve
  • State property address for meter installation and payment will be verified
  • Inform Public Works when water needs to be turned on
  • City will install remote reader, radio reader, and turn on water at time specified
  • 4 strand - 18 gauge wire is required
  • Set meter and run wire (prior to water turn on)
  • Wire should be run to the either side of the house within 2' of the front of the house

Please direct additional questions to the Monticello Water Dept at (763) 271-3274 or the Monticello Public Works Dept at (763) 295-3170.

City of Monticello - 505 Walnut Street - Monticello, Minnesota - 55362 - Phone: 763-295-2711 - Fax: 763-295-4404