City of Monticello, MN


Fallon Avenue Overpass

Proposed Construction Timeline: April - November 2018 (Dates are subject to change)

Project Overview: The project consists of constructing the Fallon Avenue bridge over I-94 and three roundabouts at the intersections of: Fallon Avenue/Chelsea Road, Fallon Avenue/7th Street, 7th Street/Washington Street. The project also includes trail and sidewalk connections as well as landscaping and bridge aesthetics.

Project Background: The Fallon Avenue Overpass was conceived years ago to provide a future local crossing of I-94. It was identified in Monticello's 1994 Transportation Plan and was an important part of the CSAH 18 interchange project, with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) strongly encouraging its construction in the future.

The primary purpose of the Fallon Avenue Overpass is to provide an I-94 crossing to serve as an alternative to TH 25 and CSAH 18. Residential development in the southeast portion of the city would have easy access to this crossing, which would remove a portion of the local traffic volumes from both TH 25 and CSAH 18. The bridge would connect the existing Fallon Avenue, south of I-94 at Chelsea Road, to 7th Street, north of I-94.

Fallon Avenue Overpass Layout

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