City of Monticello, MN


Drainage & Utility Easements

Drainage and utility easements are located on most parcels throughout the City of Monticello. Drainage & utility easements are legal land agreements between a land owner and the City of Monticello. Easements are typically dedicated to the City during the platting process before any homes are constructed. 

Why does the City need drainage & utility easements?
Drainage & Utility Easements allow the City of Monticello and utility companies (i.e. Gas, phone and electric) to access a portion of each property for the purpose of providing utilities and for providing adequate draining.

What is prohibited within drainage & utility easements?
Modifying ground elevations or grade within any Drainage & Utility Easement is not allowed. Easements are used to direct stormwater runoff away from other homes and into ponds and storage areas before entering the City’s storm sewer system. Even slight modifications in grade can cause significant changes in drainage patterns.

The following permanent infrastructure is prohibited;
  • Concrete or bituminous walks
  • Patios or decks
  • Underground sprinkler systems
  • Storage sheds
  • Swimming pools
  • Landscaping
What if permanent infrastructure has already been installed within a Drainage & Utility Easement?
The City of Monticello will work with property owners in certain circumstances to allow permanent infrastructure within a drainage & utility easement.  In such a case, a property owner signs an encroachment agreement acknowledging that in the future the city may need to complete work within the easement area that may cause the infrastructure to be damaged or removed, and the property owner is responsible for any repairs or replacement.
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