City of Monticello, MN


Conservation Easements

Conservation easements are located throughout the City of Monticello, primarily around ponds and wetlands and in any location with natural significance. A conservation easement is a legal land preservation agreement between the land owner and the City of Monticello. They are typically dedicated to the City during the platting process before any homes are constructed.

What are conservation easements used for?
Conservation easements are primarily used to protect clean water resources, including storm water ponds and water infiltration areas. They also provide waterfowl habitat and prevent waterfowl from entering your lawn.

Who owns the conservation easement area?
The areas are primarily owned by the underlying property owner, however conservation easements restrict real estate development, commercial and industrial uses, and certain other activities.

What is prohibited within a conservation easement?
  • Constructing, installing or maintaining anything made by people, including but not limited to buildings, structures, walkways, clothes line poles, fire pits, and playground equipment
  • Cutting or removing trees or other vegetation, except for: diseased trees or trees removed to allow sunlight to penetrate limited areas of easement
  • Excavating or filling within the easement area
  • Applying chemicals for destruction or slowing of vegetation, including herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and pet waste.
  • Outside storage of any kind
  • Depositing of waste or debris including grass clippings, leaves, and pet waste
  • Conducting activities detrimental to the preservation of scenic beauty, vegetation, and wildlife in the easement area
  • Removing, damaging, destroying, or defacing any monuments or markers placed to identify the easement area
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